Digitise and Optimise.

From website and mobile app development, to automating business processes.


We believe that information should always be at the tip of your fingers. (That running a business should be easy)


We achieve this, by developing bespoke, easy-to-use solutions that will optimise the way your business operates.


These solutions can range from, building a website for improved public interactions; to automating an internal business process that speeds up turnaround time and reduce human error.

What is important to us?

Value Proposition

Each business is unique and is dealing with their own problems & frustrations within their business. We go out of our way to understand the business, what they are trying to accomplish and then start focusing on the hurdles in their way. We do not believe in providing a solution that does not provide more return value than the effort in solving it.

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Our Main Services

We provide a number of services, but in the end it all comes down to what YOU need. We are technology agnostic and thus, our focus is trying to provide you with solutions to improve your business.

Digitise Paper-based Systems
Automate Business Processes
Mobile Solutions
Improve Digital Collaboration
Optimise Approval Processes
Integrate multiple systems
Our story

Consulting was what made us what we are today

We have over 10 years of consulting experience between us, working in various sectors ranging from mining to education. We have mainly worked on the Microsoft stack, but realised that not all companies are looking for the entire Microsoft suite…

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Our philosophy

Provide Value

We cannot go into business if we cannot see what the ROI will be. If we don’t think it will provide tangable value, we will not proceed.

What do we mean?

Client Website

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Levels of Approval Workflow

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Online Education System

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Digitise Business Forms

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Health Mobile App

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Dashboards & Reporting

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Our Team

Our team is small, but damn, we can pack a punch!!


Technical Manager

The tech-know of the team.


Client Manager

Are you happy? Let him know!


UX Expert

Making things work easy and pretty.



Working ant in the background doing all the work!

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With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.

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